What is Kia Kermani Foundation?

The emergence of precision medicine is a phenomenal approach to improve quality of every individual’s health and longevity of their life, while minimizes medical error and cost of medical expenses world wide.
Kia Kermani foundation, supports and assists those who choose this path.

People Behind The Mission

We Can Change Everything Together.

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A legacy that lives on through this foundation

The underlying cause of Kia Kermani’s sudden and preventable death is the reason why KIA KERMANI FOUNDATION has been established.…
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The emergence and understanding of SARS-Cov-2, causative agent of CoVID-19

Since the beginning of the year 2020, I have been carefully observing and listening to various points of views from…
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Funding for Personalized Medicine Research

“Thank you for establishing the Kia Kermani Foundation Research Fund for Personalized Medicine at the Penn State College of Medicine.…
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Synthetic Biology Circuits Can Respond Within Seconds

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, in collaboration with bioengineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have designed the…