The Kia Kermani Foundation was established to support the advancement and implication of precision medicine (PM) to tailor diagnosis and therapies to each individual patient to assure early and reliable diagnoses and treatment.

Optimum Efficiency of Quality Medicine

We aim to maximize the efficacy of available medical treatments, while reducing the incidences of adverse side effects during the administering of medication.

PM Covers all stages of life, i.e., reproductive, pre-post – natal development, geriatric care, etc, as well as their associated diseases, including cancer, immune mediated and inflammatory disorders, transplantation, infectious diseases, as well as neurodegenerative, metabolic, and inheritable conditions, etc.

Eliminating the Risk

The power of precision medicine lies in its ability to guide health care decisions towards the practice of quality medicine for each individual, while reducing needless costly testing, and harmful or invasive procedures.

Precision medicine is intended to serve as the new global standard for quality health care.

Each Individual Matters

The foundation of precision medicine is based upon three integral strategies:

1) Recognition – Making informed health care decisions based on the complexity of each individual and having an in-depth understanding of the role that genetics, lifestyle, and environment play in the healthcare management and treatment of each individual.

2) Data Collection and Analysis. – Utilizing the right testing tools and screening procedures to maximize the efficacy of the treatment of each individual, based on their unique background.

3) Engagement – Further utilizing the most up to date and current medical technologies available, i.e. digital health, genomic and molecular technologies, etc.